Lunch at Il Bistro Italiano in Grand Junction

Before the ride, I spent most of a day in Grand Junction because Grand Junction was the closest place to Telluride with an airport (for my flight from Seattle), an Amtrak station (for my bike’s trip from Seattle), and a Greyhound station (for my trip with the bike to Telluride). Downtown Grand Junction was cute, if a wee drowsy, but I can recommend Il Bistro Italiano without hesitation:


Rosetta, described on the menu as homemade pasta rolled with provolone cheese and roasted rosemary ham, and served with a spicy tomato cream sauce.

Chocolate cherry almond tart

Chocolate cherry almond tart, served warm with chocolate sauce

Ron Hall and Brunella Gualerzi, owners of Il Bistro Italiano

The owners, Ron Hall and Brunella Gualerzi, were a delight to talk with, and Brunella told me how she makes the chocolate cherry almond tart.

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